About Simpson & Co. Lawyers

We are a small Law firm specialising in property transactions throughout New Zealand. Our offices are in three centres on the beautiful Kapiti Coast an hour north of New Zealand's capital city; Wellington.

We use cutting edge technology to stay in contact with our clients nationwide and overseas. We are the developers of the property transfer computer programme known as Protocols Convey. Using this state of the art application, we are able to process any property transaction, whether a large residential subdivision, a commercial property lease, or a simple cottage purchase, speedily and at a realistic fee.

Jim Simpson's Profile Picture

J.C.Simpson LLB. Notary Public

J.C.Simpson graduated from Otago University Law School in 1973 and was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in 1974. He is also a Notary Public and has thirty-five years of practical experience in private practice in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He is the Principal of Simpson & Co. a Kapiti Coast Law firm specialising in property and family law. He has offices in Paraparaumu, Otaki and Foxton, and an extensive “virtual” practice with clients in other areas and countries. He has considerable legal and business experience as a lawyer and also as a director of a number of private companies, partnerships and trading trusts. Since joining Protocols he has been involved in software development and delivering seminars and tutorials relating to conveyancing.

Saskia Smids Profile Picture

Saskia Smids LLB.

Saskia graduated from Victoria University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Law with Honours. After graduation, she was employed as Research Counsel to the Principal Family Court Judge. Thereafter Saskia went into private practice in Wellington working in the areas of criminal, civil and family law. Whilst living overseas Saskia worked in London in the area of child protection. Upon her return to New Zealand Saskia elected to specialise in family law and was employed in a small practice in Wellington.

Saskia and her family relocated to the Kapiti Coast in 2012. Simpson and Co were very pleased to secure her services. Saskia specialises in separation advice, division of relationship property after the breakdown of a marriage or defacto relationship, disputes about the care of and contact with children, guardianship issues, family violence, paternity and adoption. Saskia also prepares prenuptial agreements to ensure your partner does not become entitled to a share of your property.

Saskia has been with the law firm Simpson and Co for over a year. Her specialist experience has led to resounding success in the cases she has undertaken, particularly in defended cases in the Family Court. Saskia brings a fresh and innovative approach to problem solving in family law cases.

Saskia practises out of the offices of Simpson and Co at Paraparaumu, Otaki and Foxton and by appointment at Levin and Waikanae.

Alwyn O'Connor Profile Picture

Alwyn O'Connor LLB.

Alwyn is a Barrister & Solicitor specialising in all areas of criminal law (including forfeiture of criminal proceeds and traffic matters) and declaratory civil litigation. Cases I have worked on have include allegations of sexual offending such as rape, arson, aggravated robbery, drug offending (including Class A for supply), violent crime and driving cases where death or injury resulted. In addition I have been involved in appellate cases at various levels and I am regularly retained in the capacity of a legal researcher to all corners of the profession.

I hold the notions of fairness, equality, pellucidity and justice in very high regard and of equal measure. Each concept is contingent upon one another in the work that I do as your lawyer.

Outside of the office I am a keen skipper and a father to my four children.

What inspired me to become a lawyer?

Despite attending law school later in life, from a young age I was regularly being told off for talking too much and answering back. The notion of getting paid for continuing what I loved to do meant that I never had to go to work.

The role of a lawyer is extremely important in society – in particular, the way in which a lawyer stands between the almighty state and the individual. A lawyer in that position goes a long way in remedying the power imbalance.

Finally I wanted to practise law as a means of helping the people in our community – the ability to assist a fellow person in a time of need is extremely rewarding.

Recent cases of involvement

  • O’Connor v Hutt City Council: In 2013 Alwyn took the Hutt City Council to task over a $12 parking infringement notice in a dispute that went all the way to the High Court. Not only did Mr O’Connor win, but also he rendered some $1.2m worth of paid parking fines uncertain. This matter is still progressing through the High Court in Declaratory Judgment proceedings.
  • The Queen v M: Mr M was accused of kidnapping, assault with a weapon and the presentation of a firearm – he was acquitted of all charges.
  • The Queen v M: Mr M was accused of three counts of unlawful sexual connection with a young person (15 years). The judge at the conclusion of the Crown case discharged the accused with respect of two charges. The jury acquitted Mr M of the remaining count.
  • H v The Queen: Mr H successfully appealed his conviction after the Court of Appeal held that evidence relating to his sexual orientation was inadmissible at trial.
  • The Queen v H: Mr H was accused of one charge of sexual violation by rape. He was acquitted.